Mine and my brother’s dogs loved the facility… It must have seemed like home because they were so content when we picked them up… Great facility and great care… Thanks so much

Jane Huizenga

Libby loves going there for daycare, she comes back exhausted. Somedays she doesn’t even make it to 66th St. before she is all sprawled out and sleeping. When we bring her there in the mornings she starts whining as soon as she can see the building because she knows how much fun she has there and that her dog friends are there. Libby gives it 4 paws up.

Ken & Kathy Lake

I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Gypsy while we were in Bismarck! She had a great time staying there and she slept very well on the drive home! She loves her new haircut, too!!! I have passed your information on to several people at work and they are excited to try you out, too! We will definitely see you the next time – and every time – we are in the Bismarck area!

Stacie Olinski

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the wonderful staff and services at Club Fido. I took my two beagles, Gunner and Scout, to daycare a few times (which they absolutely LOVED!) before I had to kennel them one weekend, and I could not be happier with the way my dogs and I were treated. Every last member of the Club Fido staff is very friendly and caring, they truly care for your pets as they if they were their own. They are all very patient and understanding. The weekend Gunner and Scout were kenneled, my flight coming home was delayed three times, and the staff was so cooperative in working with me to be able to get my \”kids\” home that night. And when I finally did get them home, neither of of them showed any signs of being timid or depressed, as they had when kenneled before at a different facility. This dog mom is very impressed with Club Fido! Gunner and Scout get excited when they see that we are pulling up to the building! I have been recommending the place to everyone I know with dogs. Thanks again!

Rachel Bitz